Preparation and NEW habits for insightful and fulfilling sessions

How would you rate the level of your energy when you enter your training or coaching sessions? Do you always feel ready and fully present?

As this blog (and the whole WELLBE project) is all about well-being, and how we take care of ourselves, we decided to explore more the ways of preparation and activities we practice before our sessions.

In her book “Engaged”, author Amy Brann from Synaptic Potential emphasizes the importance of introducing and nurturing NEW habits into our daily life. And she also says there is nothing “new” there, we somehow know what we should do some things, but forget or put them aside.

This short acronym can be a fast reminder of how we take care of ourselves, so let’s what it stands for:

Think of your eating habits. As Amy Brann says in the book: Fuel yourself well. Think of what gives you energy and prepare those meals. Also, if you are having the training or coaching sessions live it would be great if you have some fruits around.

Most of us know that exercise is good for the body and mind, but somehow it does not have a proper place on our priority list. Create short exercise rituals before entering the session – just a little bit of stretching can make you more present and concentrated.

And, the W stands for – Water. Make sure you drink enough water and that you always have a bottle around.

Maybe we can add a letter in the above-mentioned acronym and create NEWS?

Because, is an additional thing to have in mind for sure, and also not something totally fresh as an idea, but important to mention – be mindful about your Sleep. The night before your session make sure you turn off all distractions and provide enough hours of quality sleep so you are fresh and fully committed to your participants/coachees.

And after you read your NEWS :), there are just several more questions to ask yourself before starting our session:

Do you know who your trainees/coachees are?

Are there any technical/logistical preparations needed (regarding the online tool you use or the room if it is a live session?)

Have you prepared all the needed materials? When we answer all these questions – we should be ready for our session.

How do you take care of yourself and prepare for your sessions?

Adrijana Milosavljević for WellBe project