On a mission to build a strong network of coaches in the region - online and offline

Posted On Jan 18, 2023 |

When you think about your personal and professional growth, how much has the support of people around you meant to you? How would you assess the value of your contacts? To what extent does sharing experiences, gaining new knowledge from others or just words of encouragement motivate you to grow?
In the Harvard Business Review article “Learn to love networking” several reasons are given as to why building strong networks can be beneficial to our growth.
The article states, "A mountain of research shows that professional networking leads to the following outcomes:

more job and business opportunities,

broader and deeper knowledge,

improved innovation,

faster advancement,

creation of status and authority,

improved quality of work,

and increased job satisfaction.

Results of a study of 165 lawyers at a large North America law firm showed that their success depended on their ability to network effectively both internally to get themselves assigned to choose clients and also externally (to bring business into the firm).

Since we are all social beings, one of our basic needs is to create relationships, interact, and connect with others. In recent years, COVID has presented a real challenge to our interactions and has had an impact on the way we all communicate. It brought some good and not-so-good things in terms of making connections. Some of us had the opportunity to move our professional activities to an online environment and get to know more people in other countries and regions. On the other hand, travel and live meetings were limited, so many people felt lonely and isolated because they were working from home and not meeting their colleagues in person at the offices.

Above mentioned changes affected the educational business field in many ways.

We at Koučing centar invested our time to create valuable learning solutions and integrate both online and offline world in the best way to serve our coaching community. This brought to us a discovery of new ways to connect and learn online - we continuously improve our learning platform and collaborative Coaching Club on line community and search for additional ways to make online learning beneficial.
But we are also very excited and proud that we made this year opportunities to meet live, feel each others energy, exchange experiences in both formal and informal ways in beautiful place we have in the region.

Benefits of this blended learning opportunities regionally are:

  • Boosting the coaching knowledge, learning about ICF coaching competencies and practicing them in a group setting

  • Discovering together new coaching tools and sharing examples from your own practice

  • Having access to an user friendly, easy and creative online learning environment with updated quality learning materials

  • Building self confidence - Developing your self reflection and expanding your view about what you have to offer.

  • Getting to know new people in person, identifying common interests, establishing collaborative and longest-lasting connections. Having a sense of belonging to a group of colleagues with the same values and feelings included.

  • Finding an accountability partner.
    We are witnessing that fresh coaches start together, connect and are accountability partners to each other during this interesting but requesting journey. They even stay in contact, and some of them started some business projects together.

  • Potential involvement in working on a projects and activities for Koucing center

  • Opportunity to create a profile in our online coaching community - Coaching Club where you can post your thoughts and share opinions or reflect on some case study, search for a peer for peer coaching relationship

  • Connecting coaching to other different fields/professions - agile, lean, yoga & mindfulness…

  • Getting sparkle of creative inspiration to start some your own coaching project

Explore our live gathering opportunities regionally

Besides continuing our mission of gathering a coaching community in Serbia, by supporting corporate clients to establish and nurture coaching culture, organizing open coaching trainings and meetups with interesting topics, our team is growing regionally too.

This year we are launching our ICCD live in Podgorica, Montenegro, starting the ICCD program in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina in partnership with Golden Ratio Growth Centar and something KC team is really proud of, continuing second year in a row with our ICCD live in Istria, Croatia.

Beside these activities, our team is working with partners from Bulgaria, Belgium and Austria on the WellBe project for spreading coaching skills among trainers in the region.

If you want to work together with us towards more positive change in the region and you would like to get more information on how you can apply to some of our educations and about the ways you can enter our coaching community and connect to your peers - schedule a discovery session with our team. :)