ICF mentoring - preparing you for ICF credentialing process

Posted On Aug 24, 2022 |

ICF Mentor Coaching in organization of Koucing centar

Would you like to apply for the ACC or PCC level of ICF credential? Or renew credentials you already have?
For these purposes you need to attend a minimum 10 hours of mentor coaching in a period of 3 months, and from these 10 hours - minimum 3 hours of individual coaching.

You are a Koučing center alumni, or you attended training with some other coach education provider and maybe just want to refresh your knowledge and meet some great colleagues to exchange experience?

So, what is the purpose and value of mentorship in both cases?

By International coaching federation: Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.

For us in Koucing centar it’s all about partnership. It is the key word when we coach, teach coaching or mentor colleagues towards some level of credential, renewal or just developing some key competency.

We are supporting our mentees to develop their own coaching style, be authentic while coaching, and at the same time work on mastering the ICF core competencies.
Because of that our mentoring program is created in a way every mentee can adapt it to his/her own needs.

Group mentoring process:

Koucing centar mentors facilitate an open and safe space for our mentees to learn, experiment, develop a deeper level of mastery in coaching, assisting them to broaden their creative process in group setting once a month for 3.5h.
This means that there are no set dates for the same group of mentees every time. Mentees can choose the month and often get the opportunity to meet new colleagues and exchange different perspectives. During these sessions we are covering all updated ICF core competencies, talking about some key pain points and how coaches can overcome it and also organizing live practice sessions with oral feedback in a collaborative environment. This is the opportunity to connect competencies in theory with many practical examples and challenges each coach has.

All participants get access to our learning platform where they can review some useful learning content after the mentoring session.

Individual mentoring process:

Beside group mentoring hours, all mentees have the opportunity to choose between 4 experienced PCC mentors and trained ICF PCC Assessors for their required at least 3 hours of individual mentoring. This is the space to talk about personal challenges and specific situations in coaching sessions.

Preparation for mentoring:

The question we often get from our mentees is - how to prepare for mentoring?
For group mentoring, just bring a good energy and will to share opinions and participate in your own and other’s growth - is our answer. :)
Preparation for individual mentoring sessions means you should send a recording of one of your coaching sessions you think is ready to submit to ICF to the chosen mentor before you schedule the mentorship. Mentor then listens to the recording and you schedule the session in which you discuss which competencies you showed and if there are some development zones and some things you could try for the next recording you send.

So, now when you know what the mentorship process looks like - If you are choosing Koucing centar as a mentoring provider, maybe one more important information to you could be that the passing rate of our mentees when they apply for some level of credential is 100%. :)

We value and nurture relationships with our alumni community, so often our mentees and alumni become part of our team or we involve them in some of the projects we are working on.

We recorded a video about the whole mentoring process where you can meet one of our mentors Milena :). If you would like to see it, follow this link.

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