ICF certification process from an eye of newly PCC coach

Posted On Sep 30, 2022 |

ICF certification process

We are sure no one knows how proud we are to serve you as your trainers on your coaching path. Being with you from the moment one and your registration for ICCD all the way to getting your ICF credentials was quite of a journey.

We know the story of every one of you and we know how amazing your path is but we think that stories deserve to be shared and today we are continuing to do that.

Today we will present to our community here our dear alumni and now colleague Katarina.

We asked Katarina to share with us her journey to ICF credentials and this is what she said:

I’ve signed up for the coaching education at Koucing centar without having any idea of getting accredited for the ICF coach. I honestly just wanted to gain additional knowledge on the subject and another perspective since I have already gone through several other coaching educations. My main goal was to enrichen my practice and provide better support for my clients and co-workers. What drew my attention and sparked a desire to get accreditation, was actually the complexity and diligence of the accreditation process. The structure of the accreditation process is very well organized with clear and direct instructions and most importantly, adequately set criteria and benchmarks for such certificates. The process was quite simple and it lasted a few months on the whole. The biggest challenge was actually overcoming my lack of self-confidence. Initially, I wanted to apply for an ACC certificate, but luckily enough remarkable trainers and mentors helped me realize the objective level of my competencies and expertise and empowered me to achieve my PCC certificate! The hardest part of the accreditation process was passing the CKA exam since there is no literature for studying, which is a pretty important factor if you are a textbook nerd 😊. The test itself is constructed in the best way possible – if you’ve learned enough, if you understand and work by ICF competencies and if you have enough practical experience with clients you can be sure that you will pass the test! After going through the process, I can say I am proud to be an ICF coach holding the PCC certificate because I know that I have really earned it.

Through the course of the education I got a chance to really dive deep into ICF competencies, but not solely on the theoretical level. Our amazing and thorough trainers kept helping us really understand the fundamentals of competencies and empowered us to make a good practice of using them in our coaching sessions. The program was highly engaging and interactive, and what amazed me the most is the learning platform that was available for all the students, with very well-organized content and homework to keep us busy and learning! Additionally, trainers and mentors are well-informed and they did an amazing job of giving us day-to-day information and help in order to understand all the specifics of the accreditation process. I would highly recommend this program and accreditation process for anyone who understands that learning is a never-ending process and wants to become a truly great coach.”