About the mental wellbeing gap: Why performance coaching is not enough

Posted On Apr 29, 2021 |

The booming field of corporate wellbeing market. Corporate wellbeing market is estimated at $61 billion, growing at a CAGR of 6.9%, as organizations pay more and more attention to the role they play in the lives of their employees. In 2020, organizations needed to address a myriad of health and wellbeing challenges that their people will continue to experience beyond 2020.

According to WHO, 75% of people with mental health issues in low & middle-income countries do not receive support. This gap is exacerbated by various demand-side barriers (lack of awareness, stigma) and supply-side barriers (lack of quality professional support, variable quality of services, high cost).

The mental wellbeing gap in coaching. The modern workplace creates a growing need for coaching focused on entire spectrum of employee coaching: from performance coaching and leadership development, to mental wellbeing. As global uncertainty and complexity increases, the demand for coaches has skyrocketed and is here to stay, putting pressure on already existing shortage for qualified and affordable mental wellbeing coaches.

What is mental wellbeing coaching? It is not counselling or psychotherapy. It is not performance or leadership coaching. Counselling and psychotherapy belong to the field of mental health interventions, which can be focused on mental disorders or diagnostics. Mental wellbeing coaching does not belong to the mental health field. Leadership and performance coaching are often focused on high performance and what works well already. Mental wellbeing coaching is partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their mental wellbeing. So it stays withing the field of coaching, but shifts the focus toward some areas that may be neglected in performance coaching, such as stress, negativity or disconnection from work.

Integrative approach to corporate coaching. Our solutions covers the whole spectrum with a unique holistic combination of coaching services (individual performance coaching, individual mental wellbeing coaching, team coaching, coach training). Our all-in-one coaching product enables us to provide our customers with a spectrum of coaching and mental wellbeing solutions in a fully integrated fashion, whether more than one program is desired simultaneously or over time. By integrating all coaching and coach training programs into one solution, users will get the same, consistent experience. This approach may also serve as a prevention measure that provides timely intervention for dealing with the challenges to individual mental wellbeing at work.

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